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Taizhou Jiaojiang Shining Glasses Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the corporate culture of quality-oriented and customer-oriented. After years of development, We has rapidly moved into the automation process. All products are produced by manipulators instead of manual operations, avoiding repeated contact with the outside world. Our company has established a complete and scientific quality management system to ensure production capacity and delivery quality. It has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with many retailers and agents around the world.Our company is China glasses packaging suppliers and glasses packaging factory for glasses products. Taizhou Jiaojiang Shining Glasses Co., Ltd. has a wide variety of products, complete specifications, excellent quality and price, and supports customization with drawings and samples. With a wealth of products and quality, We has been recognized by the industry and enjoys a high status among consumers. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide and negotiate business.


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Our factory adheres to the business tenet of "Quality and Credit". Welcome customers at home and abroad to visit our factory. Through our mutual cooperation, we will develop together.

Industry Knowledge Development

What is glasses packaging?
Glasses packaging refers to the materials and containers used to store and transport eyeglasses, including both prescription and non-prescription glasses. Glasses packaging serves a number of important functions, including protecting the glasses from damage during transport, organizing and storing multiple pairs of glasses, and presenting a professional image to customers.
There are many different types of glasses packaging, including:
1.Hard cases: Hard cases are typically made from plastic or metal and offer a high level of protection for glasses. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be custom printed with a company logo or design.
2.Soft pouches: Soft pouches are made from a variety of materials, including microfiber and velvet, and are designed to protect glasses from scratches and other types of damage.
3.Display boxes: Display boxes are typically used in retail settings to showcase and sell glasses. They are often made from cardboard or plastic and can be designed to display a single pair of glasses or multiple pairs.
4.Clamshell packaging: Clamshell packaging is a type of plastic packaging that is often used for sports glasses and sunglasses. It provides a high level of protection and can be designed to hang on a retail display.
Regardless of the type of packaging used, glasses packaging should be designed to effectively protect glasses and present a professional image to customers.

What are the advantages of glasses packaging?
The advantages of glasses packaging include:
1.Protection: Glasses packaging helps to protect glasses from damage during transport, handling, and storage. This helps to ensure that glasses reach customers in the best possible condition and that they last longer.
2.Organization: Glasses packaging helps to organize and store multiple pairs of glasses, making it easier to keep track of multiple pairs and reducing the risk of losing or damaging glasses.
3.Branding: Glasses packaging can be custom printed with a company logo or design, providing a great opportunity for branding and building a strong customer relationship.
4.Convenience: Glasses packaging can make it easier for customers to transport and store their glasses, reducing the risk of damage and making glasses more accessible.
5.Sales and marketing: Display boxes and other types of glasses packaging can be used to showcase and sell glasses, helping to increase sales and brand exposure.
6.Customer satisfaction: High-quality glasses packaging helps to create a professional image and can contribute to customer satisfaction by demonstrating that a company values the quality of its products and the customer experience.
Overall, glasses packaging can play a key role in protecting glasses, promoting a brand, and helping to increase customer satisfaction.

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