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Taizhou Jiaojiang Shining Glasses Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the corporate culture of quality-oriented and customer-oriented. After years of development, We has rapidly moved into the automation process. All products are produced by manipulators instead of manual operations, avoiding repeated contact with the outside world. Our company has established a complete and scientific quality management system to ensure production capacity and delivery quality. It has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with many retailers and agents around the world.Our company is China blue light blocking glasses suppliers and blue light blocking glasses factory for glasses products. Taizhou Jiaojiang Shining Glasses Co., Ltd. has a wide variety of products, complete specifications, excellent quality and price, and supports customization with drawings and samples. With a wealth of products and quality, We has been recognized by the industry and enjoys a high status among consumers. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide and negotiate business.


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What is Blue light blocking glasses?
Blue light blocking glasses are a type of eyewear designed to reduce exposure to blue light emitted by electronic devices such as computers, smartphones, and televisions. This type of light has a shorter wavelength and higher energy compared to other colors in the visible light spectrum, and it has been suggested that prolonged exposure to blue light could cause digital eye strain, headaches, and sleep disturbances.
Blue light blocking glasses have special lenses that filter out a portion of the blue light, reducing the amount that reaches your eyes. This can help to reduce the symptoms of digital eye strain, improve sleep quality, and minimize other negative effects associated with prolonged exposure to blue light.
It is important to note that while blue light blocking glasses can be helpful in reducing the effects of blue light exposure, they are not a cure-all. It is still important to practice good habits when using electronic devices, such as taking breaks, reducing screen time before bed, and adjusting screen brightness and color temperature.

What are the advantages of Blue light blocking glasses?
Blue light blocking glasses are designed to reduce the amount of blue light that reaches the eyes, which is believed to have several potential benefits, including:
1.Improved sleep: Blue light is known to suppress melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep, leading to a reduction in the quality and duration of sleep. By blocking blue light, blue light blocking glasses may help to improve sleep patterns and reduce symptoms of insomnia.
2.Reduced eye strain: Blue light emitted by digital devices such as computers, smartphones, and televisions can cause digital eye strain, leading to symptoms such as dry eyes, headaches, and blurred vision. Blue light blocking glasses may help to reduce these symptoms.
3.Lower risk of macular degeneration: Chronic exposure to blue light has been linked to an increased risk of age-related macular degeneration, a leading cause of vision loss. By blocking blue light, blue light blocking glasses may help to lower this risk.
4.Improved visual performance: Some studies suggest that blue light blocking glasses may help to improve visual performance and reduce visual fatigue, especially when working with digital devices for extended periods of time.
It's important to note that more research is needed to fully understand the effects of blue light on health and the benefits of blue light blocking glasses, but the current evidence suggests that they may be a useful tool for reducing the negative impacts of blue light exposure.

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